And eventually cause brain dysfunction. This is the actual cause of any apparent "cures". before and after viagra photos All explanations of "chemical imbalances" and "corrected brain chemistry" are without any basis in observable fact, despite what various psychiatrists claim, demand and promote to the general public. buy cheap viagra The real solution would be to work with him as a living entity of awareness, communicate, grant him his viewpoint, listen, suggest and help him resolve his problems, which resulted in him finally deciding suicide was better than living another day. Realize anyone who is at the point where suicide is a solution has been overwhelmed by force in the past and has been harmed. buy viagra cheap No additional harm or force, in the guise of psychiatry, behavioral control or social manipulation will help him rise in personal strength and vividness of awareness, and come out of it. The solution with psychiatry always is to force the "disorder" away through overwhelm either by drugs, shock or surgery. viagra blood pressure drop Sure it may go away, temporarily, but the psychiatric treatment also reduces the future potential for individual awareness and all that awareness entails. cheap generic viagra Materialism and science applied to man's mind the modern scientist and materialist observe a rock, or a molecule or a star and say, "gee, this thing is what it is, it isn't anything else, never changes, and that's the way it is". They look at a flower, or a tree or a dog or a cat, and say, "these things are what they are, and reproduction with similar related life forms results in more of the same". cost difference between viagra viagra They look at body forms, types, races, and notice how the physical characteristics stay pretty much the same from generation to generation. This is all physical stuff, matter and energy. Then they begin to deal with minds, emotions, thought and intention. First, they fail to ever look at and examine these things in themselves on their own level and within in their own context. cheap viagra Second, they jump right into the huge error of assuming these things are similar in any way to all the physical things they previously observed. They are not, and they follow completely different and unique laws. And worse of all, if you enforce upon a mind according to the laws of energy and matter, it deteriorates and begins to mimic energy and matter. canadian viagra discounts How so? Matter and energy tend to stay the way they are unless acted upon. In good shape, a human being is creative, originates things, changes his environment as he chooses and is basically a real pain in the neck (at least to status quo, conformist types). He is a causative agent. is viagra useful for women He sets things in motion. viagra coupon He is creative and makes things happen out and in the environment. viagra blue pill 100 But when overwhelmed with force and treated as if he were simply matter and energy, he reduces in awareness and ability and finally ceases to be creative. cost difference between viagra viagra He originates less, and he causes less. Finally he does nothing, and simply waits t. cost difference between viagra viagra

CHM Fire Consultants Ltd.

We are a new fire safety engineering company founded by Dr. Steven Craft, Dr. George Hadjisophocleous and Dr. Jim Mehaffey. All three partners are acknowledged experts in fire safety science and engineering. Together, we provide leading-edge expertise and experience in the application of fire models, fire tests, and large-scale or small-scale experiments to address a wide variety of fire-safety issues. The principal services offered by CHM Fire Consultants Ltd include fire-safety design, third-party peer review, fire investigation and product acceptance. The company is also well-equipped to employ existing fire-safety engineering tools or to undertake research to develop new tools to address other pressing fire-safety issues.