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  • Tinuria, and maple syrup urine disease what are examples of amino acid disorders autosomal recessive what type of genetic disorder is phenylketonuria (pku) phenylketonuria (pku) what occurs in 1 in 15,000 newborns, they have a normal newborn period and then microcephaly, developmental delay, seizures, and hypopigmentation protein modified diet what is the treatment for pku near normal outcome what is the result of a protein modified diet as pku treatment phenylalanine hydroxylase what enzyme is deficient in pku tyrosine classic pku has a problem converting phenylalanine to what tetrahydrobiopterin or dihydropteridine reductase what are two less common causes of pku teratogen syndrome what is a disease caused in utero in the majority of offspring of untreated pku mothers maternal pku what causes microcephaly, growth and developmental delay in children of mother's with this disorder cleft palate and heart defects what does maternal pku result in an increased incidence of in the fetus good dietary control maternal pku can produce an essentially normal outcome if the mother does what autosomal recessive what is homocystinuria a genetic disorder of cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency what is deficient in homocystinuria homocystinuria what occurs in 1 in 100,000 newborns and causes marfan-like body habitus in terms of skeletal features and 55-80% have lens dislocation, and thromboembolisms in 13-30% 50 what percentage of patients with homocystinuria are responsive to b6 maple syrup urine disease what occurs in 1 in 200,000 newborns and results in feeding difficulties, hypoglycemia, acidosis, seizures, and hypertonicity brainched chain keto-acid decarboxylase what enzyme is deficient in maple syrup urine disease leucine, isoleucine, and valine maple syrup urine disease causes what to be elevated protein modified diet what is the treatment for maple syrup urine disease smith-lemli-opitz what is an example of a lipid disorder cholesterol what is not being metabolized in smith-lemli-opitz cholesterol biosynthesis what is the deficiency in smith-lemli-opitz smith-lemli-opitz what caus. viagra 20 mg 4 tablet fiyatı how long to viagra to take effect online generic viagra generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra canada online viagra for sale physiological mechanism viagra viagra cost viagra 20 mg 4 tablet fiyatı viagra use experience News

CHM Fire Consultants Ltd.

We are a new fire safety engineering company founded by Dr. Steven Craft, Dr. George Hadjisophocleous and Dr. Jim Mehaffey. All three partners are acknowledged experts in fire safety science and engineering. Together, we provide leading-edge expertise and experience in the application of fire models, fire tests, and large-scale or small-scale experiments to address a wide variety of fire-safety issues. The principal services offered by CHM Fire Consultants Ltd include fire-safety design, third-party peer review, fire investigation and product acceptance. The company is also well-equipped to employ existing fire-safety engineering tools or to undertake research to develop new tools to address other pressing fire-safety issues.