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CHM Fire Consultants Ltd. offers a wide variety of engineering services in fire-safety issues. Some common applications include:


Fire Safety Design

  • CHM Fire Consultants Ltd. assist engineers and architects in selecting building products and design strategies that are compliant with the pertinent codes and standards

  • We assist engineers and architects in the development of alternative solutions by employing the provisions of Canadian objective-based building and fire codes


Fire Investigations

  • CHM FIre Consultants Ltd. assist lawyers and insurance companies in assessing liability related to fire damages

  • We provide expert opinion on the spread of fire in buildings

  • CHM FIre Consultants Ltd. employs fire science principles, fire modelling and/or laboratory experiments to assist in determining why a fire evolved as it did


Product Fire Testing and Acceptance

  • Assist companies and industries in developing products that comply with fire-safety standards and/or determining for what applications their existing products may be used without compromising fire safety

  • Conduct non-standard fire testing to assist in developing design criteria or obtaining product acceptance


Third-party Peer Reviews

  • CHM FIre Consultants Ltd. provide independent third-party review of a building’s fire-safety design

  • We assist municipal officials in judging the merits of alternative solutions

  • CHM FIre Consultants Ltd. provides independent third-party review of fire, smoke and occupant modelling